Why should you ditch your paper forms and go digital?

Emma Carter • Aug 22, 2022

Why should you ditch your paper forms and go digital?

Forms, a crucial part of every patient’s treatment journey. They help to identify a patient’s medical history and gain consent for the treatment being conducted. Not to mention their importance if an insurance claim was to ever arise.

So, how are you currently storing your completed forms? 

Are they at home in patient-named folders? Have you considered what would happen if there was a fire or break in at your home? All your patients’ personal records could be stolen or damaged.
Using paper forms also extends appointment times because patients must complete an extensive medical questionnaire and consent forms (which are required!) from scratch for at each visit.
But is there a solution which could improve your compliance whilst reducing time spent on forms in clinic?
The answer to your problems could take shape as a software solution. Going digital with your forms can not only save you time but can increase your compliance levels as everything is stored safely and secure using cloud-based storage. You’ll never need to worry about a patient’s treatment forms being lost or misplaced ever again.
Let’s explore what a software solution can do for your business in terms of digital forms.

Leave your printer alone! 

How many times have you gone to print off your extensive list of forms for the day and noticed you don’t have enough paper or ink? Leaving you to quickly dash to buy more before your first patient arrives. Not only does this eat into your personal time but it can also look unprofessional if you don’t have the right forms that are required.
This can easily be avoided and taken off your to-do list by introducing a software solution like Aesthetic Nurse Software to your business. Consent forms, medical questionnaires, information sheets and even aftercare information are all stored in one cloud-based system, allowing you to generate forms at the touch of a button, so you can stop worrying about stocking up on paper forms or buying more paper and ink.
Did you know? 500 sheets of paper make up 5% of a tree. Think how quickly you use 500 sheets of paper within your business? By removing your printing processes, your paper carbon footprint could also improve significantly. You can run a more sustainable business by introducing a software solution for all of your forms. Helping the environment whilst streamlining your business.
Whether they’re branded or your own personal forms Aesthetic Nurse Software has you covered.

Save hours inside, and outside, of clinic.

Admin tasks can easily absorb your evenings and days off but think about the time it wastes during your clinic too. Waiting for a patient to fill out their forms can take up a significate amount of treatment time meaning you have less time to focus on what you do best, producing outstanding treatment results.
Have you thought about automating your patients forms? By sending forms directly to your patients before their appointment date, it allows them to complete all the necessary information remotely ahead of time. You’ll even be notified to your email address when the forms have been answered.
You may be thinking “this is just another manual process being added to your business”. But this isn’t always the case! With a software solution like Aesthetic Nurse Software, it is completely automated, allowing you to assign which forms need to be sent out for each treatment. You also have the choice to schedule the forms to be sent a few days before the appointment or to send them as soon as the appointment is booked into the diary.
ANS has made forms accessible and easy to complete, storing them securely against the patient’s appointment record. Once completed, all of the answers from the questionnaire will pull through to future forms for patients to review and resign if there have been no changes, saving them the task of answering all the same questions again! Automating your forms gives you, the practitioner, more time to offer a seamless, patient focused service to your patients.

Review patient information.

Sending forms ahead of time, with Aesthetic Nurse Software, gives you the opportunity to tailor the treatment plan to suit your patient’s medical history. Sometimes treatment options change due to the history of the patient, but instead of having to think on your feet about how you can adapt the patient’s treatment to suit their history wouldn’t it be great if you can have this information before they walk through the door? With form automation, you can!
Your forms (as many as you need) are securely sent, directly to your patients so they can read and sign the relevant forms in the comfort of their own home. Their answers are submitted straight back into their appointment record within your secure ANS account. You can easily access the patients record to review their answers and allow you to create a bespoke treatment plan which takes into account their medical history and desired outcomes. This will also support you to provide an excellent patient’s experience.
Whether you’re looking to run an eco-friendlier business or streamline your clinic processes, going digital with your forms can be the solution that you’re looking for. The time you save on automating your forms could increase your available treatment time and improve your professional image which in turn, increases patient confidence, recommendation, and retention.

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If you need any assistance with setting up your automation of forms or maybe you have some questions about how ANS can help you to streamline your business processes, please email us at we’d be happy to help. 

Max Hayward, Co-founder of Aesthetic Nurse Software

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