Why choose online booking for your aesthetics business?

Emma Carter • Aug 31, 2022

Why choose online booking for your aesthetics business?

Ding! Ding! The sound of another notification entering your phone, that’s the 10th one this morning. We love to hate these notifications. On one hand patients are booking in for their next appointment, on the other, this constant back and forth messaging takes up your personal time that could be spent far more productively. When running a small business, can you really afford not to answer these appointment enquiries? If this is you, have you considered offering your patients a convenient way to book their appointment without needing to get in touch by adding an online system to your Instagram, Facebook or Website.

Here’s how introducing an on online booking platform to your business can make life so much easier for you AND your patients…

Patients want convenience:

Its 2022, your patients expect to be able to book their own appointments 24/7. Since the pandemic, patients want a no fuss system that allows them to easily book an appointment without having to ring up and speak to a human being. Letting patients see your treatment options, clinic locations and available dates/times removes the friction from the booking process.

Never miss a potential booking:

How many patients message you to book an appointment outside of your working hours? You probably have messages across on a number of different apps, making it difficult for you to keep on top of. Managing conversations on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email and Texts can be challenging and it’s easy for you to accidentally miss one message, which could spoil the reputation of your clinic for that potential patient.

No need for back-and-forth messaging:

However, with an online booking system in place, patients can easily see all of your available clinic dates and choose a time that suits their schedules. They may be getting ready for bed and realise they haven’t booked their next botulinum toxin appointment; they go to your website (or social media) click to “Book Now” and DONE! Their appointment is booked, deposit paid, and confirmation message with relevant forms sent out without you needing to lift a finger.

Grow your business:

Online booking can also improve the growth of your business. Patients will be able to see your availability for the upcoming months and may want to book their next 2 appointments with you in case your availability starts to be taken for this month. You can automatically collect deposits to secure bookings which protects your own time if the patient cancels last minute or doesn’t show up. Plus, you’ll no longer need to worry about sending messages to the patient about their appointment because they’ll receive automatic confirmations and a reminder a few days before the appointment.
Your online presence will also benefit from offering online booking when patients are search for aesthetic practitioners in their local area. If they come across your website or social media page, they’ll find an easy-to-use online booking system which could be the deciding factor compared to your local competitors that require an “enquiry” to be sent first.
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