Can software help you save time in your aesthetics clinic?

Emma Carter • Mar 28, 2024

Can software help you save time in your aesthetics clinic?

Trying to juggle your current career as a nurse, doctor or dentist alongside setting up a new aesthetics clinic can be a tough balancing act, leaving you feeling like there are not enough hours in the day!

At the start of your new business venture, your main priorities tend to be around attracting new patients and making your clinic a welcoming environment for your customers. However, we all know that your responsibilities in your nursing role don’t just disappear; that’s why maximising your time becomes crucial. If you’re starting to feel like you just need a virtual PA to handle your daily admin tasks, clinic software could be the solution!

‘On average 4 hours a week can be saved by using a software solution in your aesthetics clinic.’

Let’s look at how you can free up hours each week with the right software…

#1 Maximising Efficiency

Software may be new territory for some, the right clinic software can significantly reduce the burden of admin and contribute to a successful business. Ruby Moran, owner of Sculpt Medical Aesthetics joined Aesthetic Nurse Software back in April 2022 and has never looked back! ‘My clinic could not run without it’.

By automating availability management, service details and record compilation, Ruby has gained more time to focus on her patients and their experience. Registered Nurses like Ruby enter aesthetics for the results seen by patients after treatment, not the draining process of admin tasks.

#2 Optimising Appointment Scheduling

Your aesthetics clinic revolves around appointments, yet managing them can become overwhelming, and we all know that monitoring multiple platforms to respond to your clients appointment requests can be challenging. However, introducing a clinic software could take the headache away and make it simpler to manage bookings. Claire Jackson, owner of Blackford Clinic, praises online booking for changing her business, ‘It’s brilliant; I’ve eliminated text message ping-pong with patients.’

We understand that that it may feel like introducing online booking is losing control of your diary, but on the contrary, online booking can actually enhance your patients’ experiences and provide a professional face for your clinic in a competitive environment – all the while keeping full control of your working hours.

#3 Automation and Technology Integration

After a hectic NHS shift, the last thing you want on your Wednesday night is to manually send appointment reminders for the tomorrow’s clinic. You deserve a bit of rest and relaxation! By introducing a clinic software, this process can be completely automated, allowing you to establish a work-life balance from the beginning of your small business journey.

Imagine your patients receiving personalised appointment reminders 48 hours in advance, effortlessly managed by Aesthetic Nurse Software.

How much time do you spend at the beginning of your patients’ appointment waiting for their medical questionnaire to be completed? Imagine if patients could complete forms at home, saving time and allowing you to review information before they arrive for their treatment. Lauren Mackintosh of Absolutely Aesthetics found that by asking patients to complete their forms beforehand, it’s reduced her appointment times! Plus, Lauren said ‘aftercare being sent out after an appointment is absolutely amazing’.

 In Summary:

Start streamlining your processes in your aesthetics clinic; medical and consent forms shouldn’t be time-consuming for you or your patients.

Investing in a clinic software can offer your part time business numerous time-saving benefits that not only improve your patient’s experience, but also significantly improve the running of your clinic. From automated appointment reminders to online booking and electronic medical records, Aesthetic Nurse Software allows you to make the most of your time; focusing more on your patients care and less on the admin tasks!

If you want to embrace the incredible technology and automations that is built specifically for nurses, doctors and dentists in aesthetics then try our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL with Aesthetic Nurse Software.

Got any questions? Drop us an email:  we’d be happy to help!

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