Why your aesthetics clinic should be using software instead of paper

Emma Carter • Sep 08, 2022

Why your aesthetics clinic should be using software instead of paper

Aesthetic clinics come in all shapes and sizes and some of you are still using paper throughout your business to take care of your calendar, notes and even consent. In today’s world, where technology has so many advantages, it can be difficult for someone outside of the aesthetics industry to understand why so many practitioners use the old-fashioned method of pen and paper – but we get it, throughout your career in the NHS leading up to entering aesthetics everything is paper-based and it feels familiar and ‘safe’.
However, clinical software exists to help and support your business. Sometimes, practitioners don’t want to take the plunge and ‘go paperless’ due to them not being “tech savvy” but choosing the right software will be like taking up a digital business partner, with a team on hand to support you every step of the way.
Let’s outline the main reasons why you, as an aesthetic practitioner, need a clinical software:

1. Stress free security!

As medical practitioners, patient confidentiality is your responsibility. Having a clinical software means that all patient information is stored securely in one place. Organised into separate patient records, with just a few clicks, you have access to everything you need to know; medical history, treatment notes, photos, and treatment map for that specific patient.
If you are using paper forms and were to lose a completed consent form, your protection in an insurance claim could be reduced significantly. This can be extremely stress when your professional registration is on the line.
By using a cloud-based software, such as Aesthetic Nurse Software, you can have peace of mind that your patient data is encrypted and password protected preventing unauthorised access to your records. When your processes are paper based, there’s an increased risk of patients getting sight of other patients’ data, whether that’s glancing at your appointment book or maybe you’re slightly behind schedule and have accidently left a previous patients treatment detail on the side in view of the next patient.

2. Practicality 

Documentation and record keeping is a crucial aspect of performing aesthetic treatments and with that comes a lot of paper records; patient details, consent forms, medical history, treatment notes, facial markup and more. Carrying all of this with you, for every patient is impossible (and definitely not secure). But if a patient calls with a concern or query, how can you have all their information to hand to give the best care and advice?
Introducing a cloud-based software means you can access your software whenever and wherever you need to. From home, in clinic or even whilst out doing the food shop. You can view your diary, check patient notes and check treatment plans.
You’ll also never have to worry about having the right forms, you can instantly access any medical history, consent or aftercare forms for the relevant treatment and you’ll never run out.

3. Time is money

There are several ways clinical software can save you hours each week. A common argument for not investing in a clinical software can be the additional expense for your business. But when you think about the time you can save from automatic appointment reminders, letting patients book online and even automating your forms to be sent out ahead of appointments then it seems like a no brainer. Removing these admin tasks can frees up your time to be able to see an extra patient each day. 
Plus, software doesn’t have to be a huge expense, secure cloud-based software that is built specifically for the aesthetics industry can cost as little as 80p a day. 
Imagine having your evenings free from catching up on the day’s paperwork? Say goodbye to texting back and forth with patients to reschedule or book their appointments. Spend your evenings how you’ve always wanted to, catch up with friends and spending time with your family. Bring the work/home life balance you’ve always wanted. 
Want to embrace the benefits that software can bring to your aesthetics business? Start a 7-day free trial today!  
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