Five ways software can free up your time to see more patients?

Max Hayward • Feb 23, 2022

Five ways software can free up your time to see more patients

When you run an aesthetics business, your main priority is seeing patients. Not only is that the reason we go into aesthetics – to treat patients and give them renewed self-confidence through cosmetic interventions – but it’s also what brings in the money to our business. It’s what pays our bills.
For many aesthetic practitioners, too much of their time is taken up keeping on top of all the admin and record-keeping that needs to be done. And the more your business grows, the more paperwork there is.
So, how can having a software system free up your time and allow you to see more patients?

1. Online booking makes life easier for you and your patients 

Using a software system means you can offer online booking to your patients. This not only reduces the time you spend going back and forth on messaging via social media, texts or WhatsApp to arrange appointments, but it is far more professional.
Human error means it would be easy to forget to pop the appointment in your diary, and with so many different methods of messaging, it can be hard to keep on top of things.
Online booking streamlines your booking processes and takes you out of the equation. While you are getting on with treating your patients, other patients can check your availability and book in seamlessly.

2. Form filling before appointments saves time in clinic 

How much time do your patients spend sitting in your waiting area or clinic room filling out forms before you can go ahead and treat them?
Sending forms such as medical questionnaires prior to their appointment for patients to complete securely at home saves you and them time, as it means they don’t have to complete it during their appointment.
It also means you can check their answers beforehand to better understand their medical history before the consultation or treatment. This allows you to be prepared ahead of time.

3. Snippets make note-taking simple 

We have a feature called ‘snippets’ which are essentially automated notes. Practitioners can set up short paragraphs of notes that they regularly type out for each appointment, such as “risks and benefits discussed, no concerns at treatment”, which can then be added at a touch of a button. These can then be edited per appointment for any specific changes/additions needed. Some practitioners set up one for each type of treatment as a ‘template’ to speed up note-taking. This can be life-changing when it comes to thorough and accurate documentation.

4. Automated messages take the pressure off you

Setting up automated appointment reminders and follow-up messages (after treatment) take another job off your to-do list. But it’s more than that. Patients appreciate the extra level of customer service that comes with being sent reminders and follow up messages. It shows they haven’t just been forgotten when they walk out your door, and it encourages repeat bookings, which is good for your business.
By making sure clients stay on top of their treatments – your diary will be full before you know it. If you manually have to remember to call and follow up with every patient to re-book them, things can be far less organised, especially when you are busy. Automated messages take the pressure off and mean your patients are being communicated with.

5. Business reports show you where you have more time for patients 

With nuggets of insight that help you make informed decisions, our reports make it easy to understand your revenue, costs and profit. You can also see milestones like client birthdays, treatment due dates and overdue appointments and get answers to questions like, “Do I have time for more clients?” or “Is it time to order more filler?” at a glance.
If you want a solution to handle all of the above for you, check out our free trial and find out why over 1,000 practitioners use Aesthetic Nurse Software?

Max Hayward, Co-founder of Aesthetic Nurse Software

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